Monday, 27 October 2014

Autumn in Kristiansand

Autumn in Kristiansand is full of beautiful colours. It is that time of year when the locals take their boats out of the water in preparation for winter storage. It is one task, many do not look forward to.

Others look forward to autumn when the trees create amazing colours that change the look and feel of a place. Kids love to run through the fallen leaves and play.

The Agder Natural History Museum in Gimlemoen in Kristiansand has an abundance of trees with bright colours and makes for perfect photo opportunities.

The museum was founded in 1828 and is one of Norway’s oldest museums. The current exhibitions were opened in June 1990 and display natural history of Southern Norway dating back to the ice age. 

Sometimes on weekends the museum has activities for the kids and here you can see them with large bubble making toys.

Have a great autumn!

Agder Natural History Museum
Address: Gimle vei 23, 4630 Kristiansand
Phone: 38 05 86 20

Adam @ Visit Southern Norway

Friday, 3 October 2014

Lyngdal cattle show - dyreskue

The Lyngdal cattle show is a fantastic event where the kids can do all sorts of activities including go on tivoli rides, see animals, buy toys, ice cream, food - you name it!

I took my 3 years old son to the event and he had a great time.

The show happens every year in September and thousands of people flock to the area to see it.

The Lyngdal cattle show offers a very varied program.

Hay-drying, vintage cars / buses, tractors, horse driving, livestock auction, animal exhibitions and competition fishing is some of what you can experience.

There are stands of all kinds, crafts and handicrafts. Food, entertainment, concerts and activities for children are also on offer.

The show is always in the first weekend in September each year.

Long tradition: 
The show has a history as far back as 1857. In 1887 it received status as the state cattle show.

In 2007 they celebrated the 150th anniversary and there was a new attendance record with 26,000 visitors throughout. In 2010, the show had a new attendance record with 26,500 visitors.

There is no cattle show without animals. Over the years they have built a proper agricultural profile and on the Friday during the festival, there is a livestock auction. Saturday there are horses and Sunday there are other types of farming animals. There is stall space for 150 animals. 

Old machines: 
In recent years, interest in old machinery has picked up. Machines that you would never think could get going again are found out in barns and outbuildings and even from the rubbish dump. With some tender loving care, they are restored. Centuries old diesel engines operate threshing machines and sawmills, while making banging noises and smoke as they did generations ago.

Crafts and Handicrafts: 
Besides being Southern Norway's largest agricultural fair, the show is also Norway's largest exhibition of handicrafts and crafts. There is a tent hall of 1,000 square meters which is only for those exhibitors. Here you can see everything from wood carving to watercolor paintings and weaving.

There is dining available at the cafeteria with over 300 seating places available. Plus, there are barbecues out in the field, where you can quickly get a snack.

Over the years there has been live music from bands and musicians such as: Tone Damli, Liv Marit Vedvik, Erik Kriss, Stalwart, Rita Eriksen, Lindesnes Accordion Club, Plumb, Eve & the Heartbreakers, Stian Fjelldal, PK & Dance People, Anita Hegerland, Scandinavia, Kentucky Riders and many more.

Motorhome camping: 
There is parking availability for campervans. Parking is at the church for that purpose.

Lyngdal is located in Vest-Agder and the west county's biggest trading center. The Cattle Show is located on Prestneset, just off the E39.

Contact the Lyngdal Tourist Office for more information:

Lyngdal Turistkontor
Stasjonsgaten 26
4580 Lyngdal
Telefon: +47 38334833 +47 38334833
Kontaktskjema Kontaktskjema

Mvh and Cheers,
Adam Read @ Visit Sørlandet Dra på ferie til Lyngdal