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Winter in Lyngdal

Winter in Lyngdal and Hægebostad

Lyngdal is located in Southern Norway approximately 1.5 hours from Kristiansand and 2.5 hours from Stavanger. It is the gateway to the Lister region so it is the ideal place to base yourself if you want to get the most out of the local attractions during the winter.

Photo Lyngdal Tourist Office

The winter months turn the town into a picturesque place with an abundance of things to do in Lyngdal.

Where to stay in Lyngdal?
Choose between a romantic and nostalgic stay at Paulsens Hotel which takes you back in time of when British Lords would stay at the hotel to enjoy salmon fishing in the area. They also have amazing food.

Or try Rosfjord Hotel located on a beach by a fjord. Next to it is a free outdoor exercise area and a long pier that points out to the fjord. A truly Norwegian experience!
Here is a full list of places to stay in Lyngdal.

Located next to the Rosfjord Hotel is Sørlandsbadet. It is the regions largest indoor and outdoor waterpark and all year round, the water is a consistant warm temperature. Why not try the hot spa will it is snowing outside! There are waterslides, a gym, spa treatments - you name it.
That will keep the whole family happy.

Lucky Strike Bowling Center
The Lucky Strike ten pin Bowling centre is open all year round and has food and drinks. There is also an activity room for the kids and it is located next to the Kvavik beach which is fantastic for a stroll. Here the views are amazing with the fjord and mountains.

Photo Lucky Strike Bowling Centre Lyngdal
Because Lyngdal is surrounded by mountains, fjords, lakes and the ocean - the hiking opportunites in Lyngdal are endless. Some are difficult to get to in the months with snow and ice, but you can find a full list of the hiking spots in Lyngdal here.

Salmon Staircase in Kvåsfossen 
Along the Lygna river there is a salmon staircase where visitors can see the salmon through a large glass viewing area. This is open during the winter via appointment only. Contact the Lyngdal tourist office for more information.

Lyngdal Culture  
There are a few galleries in Lyngdal where you can purchase local and international artwork.
1. Ole Ertzeid - Graphics and oil paintings.  Open by appointment 
2. Visual artist Arne Åmland. Open by appointment 
3. Wannabe gallery. Can find opening hours here 

Shopping in Lyngdal
Lyngdal has some niche little stores that are quite famous within Southern Norway especially folk from Stavanger. 

Here are some of them:

Lille Ollebolle -  - childrenswear and shoes - special marks.
Bazaar -  - interior shop
Stella Shop - Fashion and gift / interior
Olsens garden - Creative goods for sale
Trade Park - Shopping
Sentrumsgården - Mall
Sandal Farm - Shopping
Meierigården - Mall

Food in Lyngdal:
Paulsens Hotel has great foods in a relaxed atmosphere.
If you like "street food" then check out Knøtten tavern. The special pita bread is famous throughout southern Norway. 
Jonas B Gundersen - pizza restaurant  
Bakeries: Harry Bakery - Walthers bakery and confectionery

Events and festivals in Lyngdal during the autumn and winter:
October 11 Lobster Festival
November 15th Autumn Beautiful adventure

Hægebostad is a one hour drive north from Lyngdal offering attractions and some mysterious history with ancient stones and a sword that was found on a farm from before the Viking times in the 500 hundreds.
Winter in Hægebostad - Photo Lyngdal Tourist Office
Mydland Gard  
Mydland farm has deer and Scottish highland cows and offers catering and accommodation in Hægebostad. The farm is located just off Barnevandrer path - which is a kids hiking trail from Kvinesdal to Grimstad used for the past 100 years.

Photo Mydland Farm

Tingvatn Fornminne Park is a museum with a shop, cafe, art exhibitions, archeology and cultural exhibits. Hours from October to May: every Sunday. 12.00 to 16.00.

Contact the Lyngdal Tourist Office for more information.