Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Salmon fishing staircase at Kvåsfossen in Lyngdal

Adam from Visit Sørlandet went to the opening of the Salmon fishing staircase at Kvåsfossen (Kvås waterfall in Lyngdal).

The Lygna river is quite long and has many attractions along it from Lyngdal to a little area called Hægebostad.

Along the river, there is a winery, some camping grounds and other types of accommodation. In Hægebostad there is Viking and medieval history.

One attraction in particular is quite unique. It is a salmon staircase built into a mountain at the Kvås waterfall called Kvåsfossen.

The tunnel is 220 metres long and consists of concrete stairs allowing the salmon to swim up the river to lay their eggs. This has previously been impossible because of a large stone blocking the entrance.

Inside the tunnel, there is a large glass viewing area with lights so that visitors can see the salmon fishing and jumping up the stairs.

The project has cost 13 million kroner to build and will also consist of a visitor centre sometime in the future.

The opening day was packed full of people.

At a guess, I would say there were about 300 people there including the environment minister and the mayors of Lyngdal and Hægebostad. A local band also played some music.

Both mayors gave a speech

as did the minister who cut the ribbon opening the attraction.

People flocked into the tunnel by passing some little stands by local attractions to sample foods and get some info on what to do in the area.

Unfortunately there were heavy rains the day before making the water a little murky, so it was not very easy to see the salmon through the glass.

There is also a camera in the tank so that the salmon can be seen on a television screen.

Some people relaxed to some music and local food.

There was a forest man playing a flute as some entertainment for the kids.

And some of the crew from the historic Paulsens Hotel in Lyngdal.

There are various viewing points around the waterfall where you can take great pictures.

To find out more information about the staircase, you can visit the Kvåsfossen Facebook group or call them on + 47 95 2 38 949. Dra på ferie til Lyngdal

PLEASE NOTE, that visitors can only go there by appointment.

Local info about Lyngdal can also be found on the Official Visit norway page.

All pictures from Adam Read@Visit Southern Norway


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