Monday, 23 March 2015

Perfect photograph opportunities in Farsund and Lista

Farsund is a coastal town in Southern Norway that is a must see when touring the coastline. The old wooden white houses, the fantastic harbour and events throughout the year are a good reason to visit.
There was quite a lot of wind moving the boats up and down so not easy to get a still shot of them!
I went there for several meetings and afterwards dropped by the Lista beaches to catch the sunset.

The colours were amazing.

Sunset to the left and Lista Lighthouse to the right.
The Lista lighthouse was the perfect setting for some pictures.

Very tempting to go for a surf at Lista!
Just around the corner is Nordberg Fort which was built by the Germans in World War 2.

To cap off a great trip, I stayed at the Rederiet Hotel in the centre of Farsund. There was quite a lot of wind, but the lights and clear skies were perfect for pictures.
Rederiet Hotel
The Rederiet Hotel has 17 rooms all with wireless internet access. Breakfast is included in a stay and most rooms have a view of the harbour.
The manager of the Rederiet Hotel, Theresa Malmo, and I had a long chat and did a little Humans of Kristiansand interview.
Adam Read
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