Monday, 18 May 2015

Trip to Ravnedalen Kristiansand

Ravnedalen is a park near the city centre of Kristiansand in Southern Norway.

During the summer months, it is a very popular destination for locals to have a meal or listen to some music.

If you stop a local in the street and ask " where is a good place to get a hamburger" the answer will usually be Cafe Generalen in Ravnedalen. 

Of course there are other restaurants in Kristiansand where you can get a good burger, but on a nice sunny day -Ravnedalen is the place to go.

My wife and I decided to take the kids there on a Sunday to try this famous burger. Well actually, there are a few different varieties of this burger, but I decided to go for the "Cafe Generalen burger" - as it is written on the menu.
It did not disappoint.

One thing to keep in mind is that there can be long queues and a long waiting time if there are many people, so a good idea is to get a table, order your food and go for a walk. They can even send you a sms when your food is ready.

The sun was shining and  the birds and swans were out in full force.
There is a little track where you can see the city from the top.
One of my boys decided to see how cold the water was - and in early May, it is very cold!
There was a couple sitting by the water so I went over and did a little Humans of Kristiansand interview with them.
Lets not forget the flowers. My son Jet decided to pick some for his mother.
As you might have guesses, it is also a very romantic spot. I spoke to a couple that were on their first date and saw some trees have " I love" words written on them.

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