Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The wooden boat festival Risør

Risør is a coastal town in southern Norway with beautiful old wooden white houses and narrow streets. This reminded me of walking through the streets of Cinque Terre in Italy. 

It is a charming place and unique for this part of the world and was one of the largest wooden boat building places in all of Norway.
View over the harbour as night falls over Risør.
There still exists a couple of wooden boat builders in Risør and each year this coastal gem celebrates its long boat building history with a festival over three days in the beginning of August which is called the Trebåtfestival.

Norwegian flags everywhere....
Boats of all shapes and sizes attend the event - from a 100 year old wooden hand made boat to a modern day day cruiser. 
Risør's very own boat RS 30.
People from all over Europe join in the fun, some of whom bring their boat to partake in the race each day. Here is a very proud man from Hamburg in Germany that drove his boat over on a trailer to be at the event. It was probably one of the most photographed boats in the harbour that day.

Each day there is a race where boats of various sizes go around a course past the Stangholem lighthouse and back to the harbour.
Passing the Stangholen lighthouse.
This is beautiful to watch. 
Crew relaxing on a French boat taking part in the race.
The crews working on the sails, ropes and these old ships penetrating the large waves that gather out in the seas.
With lots of boats in the water, the crew need to be on alert.
There is food, live music, competitions for kids, boat trips and lots of fun to be had. All of the stores are open late and everyone is in a festive mood.
Locally made boat from Moen båtbryggeri.
All of these wooden boats competed in a race on the Saturday.

A unique look for Risør.
Smaller boats taking part in a race.

On the way back from the lighthouse.
Each night during the festival there are bands that play music, food stalls that are open.

If you want to stay over night in Risør during the festival there are camping places and hotels all within easy reach. Book early, because they are always fully booked. 

Visit Risør!
All pictures: Adam Read Visit Sørlandet


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