Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tveit Skisenter Kristiansand

Kristiansand is a coastal town in Southern Norway that has its very own ski center. During the winter months kids and adults alike flock to the centre to get in some downhill skiing. The nearest ski resort is Hovden which is a 3.5 hour drive from Kristiansand. So it is perfect for an after work ski or some weekend fun.

My eight year old son waiting for the lift.
The hill has one lift that is a "pommer lift". This is easy for both adults and children to use. Tickets can be purchased in the kiosk along with food and drinks. They have a bank terminal for those wishing to pay via card.

Enjoying a break
I personally love going to the hill because it is a short distance from home and my 3 young children all love it. They all started slalom skiing when they were two years old, so they are fast becoming experts.

My 10 year old starting snowboarding two years ago.
The hill itself is about a 500 metre distance with both steep and easy sections. The volunteers usually put up jumps for the experts as well as rails etc. There are always people helping and they have a snow scooter for emergencies. 

View of the main part of the hill.
Unfortunately for this old man (me) I have to wait a little while before putting on the skis again. I injured my knee skiing at Hovden over Christmas.

Father teaching his son how to ski.
The Tveit Skisenter is located approximately 15 minutes drive from the Kristiansand city centre. If you arrive in Kristiansand via plane, you will see it on the left hand side shortly after you leave the Kristiansand Kjevik airport (traveling towards the city). There is a bus stop 30 metres from the hill and buses 35, 36 and 37 will stop there.

My five year old can go up and down the hill himself.
The skisenter has a facebook page with up to date information on ski conditions. That is the best place to find out if it is open and what times.

Waiting for the lift.
Website : www.tveitskisenter.com
During the summer months, the skisenter is used as a off road cycling track.

Adam Read  - Visit Sørlandet


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