Monday, 2 June 2014

Havnedagen in Kristiansand

Adam from Visit Sørlandet checked out the Havnedagen in Kristiansand.

On Saturday the 31st of May, Kristiansand was showing off its best weather by far this year. No clouds in the sky, light winds and 25 degree temperatures. So my wife and I decided to take the kids into the city on our boat and check out Havnedagen which is a special event for families by the harbour and waterside in Kristiansand.

We were greeted at fiskebrygga by a packed crowd and a full harbour of boats. It was a bit of a mission to find a parking place. After a few laps, we managed to find one by the footbridge at the harbour.

The main parking area for the boats was roped off because of a little boat taking kids on trips around the harbour. It is a copy of the boat out of the cartoon TV programme 'Elias'.

We went straight for the ice cream store and relaxed on the harbour steps. There was a musician playing some songs and I could not resist the smell of the barbeque taking place a few metres over and felt compelled to taste the free samples of salmon. 

Shortly after, I bought two salmon wraps for my wife and I.

I can honestly say that I have never had a nicer wrap. If only they cooked them everyday at the harbour!

Shortly after finishing the wrap, I noticed a man struggling to paddle a rubber boat over the ropes that were blocking off the harbour. He was an unfortunate soul that was on his bachelor party. After chatting to him, he told me that his mission was to paddle into the middle of the harbour with a blow up doll and buy some sun screen. That is something you do not see everyday.

There was also a Boat Show taking place not too far away, so we walked over there and had a bit of a look around. There were a lot of nice boats and stands selling items for the boats. Luckily we are very satisfied with our boat and our bank will be thankful that we did not ask them for more money to buy  a new one...

The police and fire brigade had stands there, so the kids hopped in for some photo opportunities.

To cool off, they happily jumped under the water fountains by the waterside.

A great day out!

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