Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Southern Norway and Kristiansand on a budget

Here are some tips when you are traveling on a budget in Kristiansand and Southern Norway.

Kristiansand is the gateway to Norway when arriving by car from the European continent. Two ferry companies, Color Line and Fjord Line operates the ferries between Denmark and Norway.

If you come with a bike or by foot, train connections to Hirtshals, Denmark are easy when it stops only a short walk from the ferry terminal.

Most of the tips also apply for traveling in the rest of Norway.

Accommodation - on a budget

If you want to save money, stay in a tent or in your caravan. In Norway everyone has the unrestricted right of free access in the countryside - including the national parks. This opens up for great experiences!

It is not expensive to stay at camping and caravan sites. See a list over the best campsites in Southern Norway.

If you are a family, or two families traveling together, you could rent a cabin.

You will also find cheap B&B’s and hostels. Use or similar sites to find low prices (cheapest if you book some time in advance).

You should also check out lighthouse vacations, a unique experience for a reasonable price.

Do as the Norwegians; stay at one of the DNT (the Norwegian trekking associations) cabins together with the locals.

Traveling to Norway

Travel by train or bus. If you order in advance it is often cheaper. Flights can also be quite cheep if you order in advance. See how to get to Southern Norway and around.

Activities in Norway

Nature is what Norway is all about and it’s free to use. Go fishing along the coastline or hiking in the mountains. Again; remember "the right of access".

Hiking in Norway can be for one day or one week. Check out some of the hiking possibilities in Southern Norway and combine with a stay at the DNT cabins.

Fishing at the shoreline is free and you don’t need a permit. If you want to rent a boat, check out one of the holiday centers in Southern Norway.

Bike with a tent or find low price accommodation. There are many national cycle routes, and we recommend the North Sea Route (either by car or bike). Biking along the small coastal towns in Southern Norway is also a great experience.

Many of the museums have cheap (or free) admission and often possibilities to bring your own picnic bag to enjoy outside.

During summer there are a lot of outdoor concerts free of charge in the city centers.

Food – all travelers get really hungry

Bring your barbecue grill and buy some food at the local supermarket. Groceries are not that expensive in Norway. Asian stores also get a good selection of all kind of food. Many of the stores are closed at Sundays, but there are always some open. Ask the locals.

Do as the locals; get some shrimps at the local fish marked and enjoy on a pier by the sea.

Buy water in Norway? No way! All tap water in Norway is clean and tastes better than bottle water. When in a city it is usually cheaper prices at Asian restaurants. Ask the locals.

Welcome to Norway.

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