Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Funny Norwegian Commercials

Before I ever thought about visiting Norway, I was very aware of the great commercials they had on television. In Australia, my family used to sit and watch a show every few months that had the world’s funniest television commercials and Norway was always in that list.

1. Just recently, another great commercial has been aired both on tv and the internet. (I have to say that this one makes me smile every time)

2. Here is another from 2012 from IKEA

3. Here are some from the Norwegian magazine VG (a few videos on this one)

4. The Norwegian lottery is called “lotto” and here is a funny one.

(Do not read this line until it is finished – but the old lady gave the nurse the winning ticket so she would quit!)

5. Another lottery one for an unlucky but also lucky man…

This one leads me to a story actually. I used to work with some Danish friends here in Kristiansand Norway. One of them told me the story about a small little island in Denmark.

A garbage collector found a lottery ticket on the street outside a house. He thought that the man that lived in that house had lost his lottery ticket so he slipped it under the front door. As it turned out, that was the winning lottery ticket in the national lottery and the man who lived there became instantly rich.

The talk of the town was the nice garbage collector that had found the ticket and given it to this man.

6. Perhaps not politically correct, one from a sports store in Norway called XXL

7. Freia milk chocolate – I can safely say that this is the most amazing chocolate I have ever had. When I go back to Australia for a holiday I cannot eat chocolate made there anymore. I also make sure that I take with me a few bars of Freia back to Australia for the family. They can never get enough of it!

8. And lastly, here is a Norwegian commercial on the more serious side for SOS Childrens fund.

For a small population of people, Norway has an abundance of creativity. The only way for you to find out, is to come and visit. I can personally highly recommend Southern Norway!

Adam Read - Visit Sørlandet

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