Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Motorcycle trip in Southern Norway

Norway is a motorcyclists dream. A windy coastline, mountains and fjords make it a great way to experience the country. 

An old BSA motorcycle in Kristiansand Norway. Photo: Adam Read
Take a tent with you and you can stop by the rivers, fjords and relax taking in the magnificent views. In all major tons and cities, there is free (allocated) parking for motorcycles and you do not have to worry about paying for road tolls! That is a bonus!

This is a fjord just outside of Lyngdal. A great place to stop for pictures. Photo: Adam Read
It is very common for motorcyclists to catch a ferry from Denmark to Kristiansand where their journey begins. 

Here is the Colorline ferry ready to leave Kristiansand to Hirtsals in Denmark. Photo: Adam Read
From Kristiansand you can take the E18 and E39 highway along the coastline to:

1. Mandal where there is fantastic fishing possibilities. 

Southern Norway coastal charm. Photo: Inger Hutchinsen
2. Lindesnes and meet Norway's last remaining full time lighthouse keeper at the Lindesnes lighthouse.

Lindesnes lighthouse early morning. Photo: Adam Read
3. Lyngdal - and visit Kvåsfossen and the salmon staircase. Stay overnight at Paulsens Hotel and experience nostalgia or try Kvavik camping if you want to pitch a tent.

The Salmon staircase at Kvåsfossen. Photo: Adam Read
4. Farsund - take a walk to Varbak in the city centre to experience panoramic views over the city, coastline and fjords. Lista Lighthouse is also located in this area with old bunkers and tunnels built by the Germans in Word War 2.

Part of the view from Varbak Farsund. Photo: Adam Read
5. Flekkefjord - Take a break from the bike and try Dresin sykling - Rail biking. That is a priceless adventure.

A very cheap way to experience something unique - rail bikes in Flekkefjord. Photo: Adam Read
6. Visit Knaben in Kvinesdal and learn about its extensive history.

Learn about Knaben's history. Photo: Adam Read
After that you can once again go on the coastal road to Stavanger, up to Bergen and beyond.

The possibilities are endless.

Here is a couple from Germany that have just been on a motorcycle tour around Norway...

We have been exploring Norway on our motorcycle for the past three weeks from Lyngdal to Trondheim.

Read to check in again at Kvavik camping. Photo: Adam - Visit Sørlandet
We took the ferry from Denmark to Kristiansand and then rode down to Lyngdal. From there, we went to Knaben, Stavanger, Setesdal and up to Geilo but there was a lot of snow there, so we had to stop.

We waited a while until a snow clearing truck came and then we rode behind that up to Trondheim. It was cold and wet up there so we came back down to Lyngdal. We have ridden about 3000 kilometres in Norway.

We really like the southern part of Norway because the weather is always the best here with lots of sunny days. The countryside is also not as rugged as the northern part of the country - it is a lot smoother which is nice on the motorbike.

Kvavik camping was perfect for us because we like the outdoors a lot more and not so much hotels. The man who runs the place is also very nice and helpful.

Kvavik camping  is also a good place to base ourselves because there is the Lista lighthouse, Flekkefjord and Knaben not very far away.

We will be back next year.

Interview and picture - Adam Visit Sørlandet



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