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Ny Hellesund Søgne

Ny Hellesund is a paradise for a family or couple looking to have a weekend away.

Arriving by boat. Photo: Morten Teinum
In the old days it was a dock used to fix old ships and the buildings have been in the same family for over 4 generations. 

Checking out the views from the Høllen ferry. Photo: Adam Read

The days of ship building in the area are well and truly gone, but the family wanted to do something with it so others can also enjoy the experience. 

Some children looking for jellyfish and crabs. Photo: Adam Read
As a result, they built apartments, a restaurant, walking trails with planks to make it easier and view points with comfortable chairs and tables. Work on this was completed two years ago, so everything is like new.

The Høllen ferry. Photo: Adam Read Visit Sørlandet
A ferry called Høllen takes you to the island all year round from the Høllen docks in Søgne just outside Kristiansand in Southern Norway. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

The boat trip in itself is scenic and fun. The classic white wooden houses dotted along the 
coastline reminds you this unique coastline.

View over the coast. Photo Adam Read
Once you arrive at the docks in Ny Hellesund you will see new red buildings with large glass windows overlooking the sea. These are 19 apartments that are filled with designer furniture and fittings and fantastic WIFI connections. 

Take a little trip to the "lighthouse". Photo: Adam Read
No expense has been spared in making these fantastic apartments. There are also 
conference rooms for up to 40 people and a gourmet restaurant called Bølgen & Moi.

The little beach by the apartments. Photo: Verftet Ny Hellessund
In the area there are hiking trails, a nearby old german bunker system from World War 2, beaches for swimming, a little lighthouse and places to relax taking in the great views.

You can also stay in a large old oil drum. Photo: Adam Read
I went there with my family and friends and stayed overnight. In our apartment had sleeping facilities for 8 people and we had a spare mattress for our littlest son who is 4. 

One of the apartments. Photo: Verftet Ny Hellesund
It was perfect and not too crowded in the apartment. There is a fridge, microwave oven, oven 
top and washing facilities. There is even a washing machine in the bathroom.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Photo: Adam Read
While we were there, we relaxed, took a walk to the little lighthouse, had a swim at the beach on the other side of the small island, had a wine, a meal at the restaurant and had a great time.

Searching for crabs with a little net. Photo: Adam Read

Kids having fun at Verftet Ny Hellesund. Photo: Adam Read
You can also contact the manager of the apartments on:

Hanne Bentsen
Post: Hølleveien 145b, 4640 SØGNE, Norway
+47 975 46 016 | 

If you would any information from me about Ny Hellesund, feel free to send an email on adam(a)

Adam Read

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