Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Disney Ship comes to Kristiansand

The Disney ship is currently taking a tour around Norway and Iceland. The ship is decked out with Disney characters but there is also a section of the boat purely for adults that would like a break.
You can see the Disney Cruise ship next to the Kilden theatre. Photo: Adam Read

Today it was a beautiful sunny day in Kristiansand, which pleased the ships occupants. It docked outside the Kilden theatre near fiskebrygga and people took a short walk into the city to see what Kristiansand has to offer. Adam from Visit Sørlandet spoke to some coming off the boat.

Family from Florida Photo: Adam Read 
I spoke to this family who had been on the Disney cruise ship.

Adam: When are you leaving on the ship?
Mother and daughter at same time: Hopefully never. We love it here. We are from Florida and really like your little town. It has a nice homey feel about it. Kinds of like a country town where everyone knows each other and waves as you pass by.

Adam: How do you know when the ship is about to leave?
Mother: The ship plays a loud song from the Disney character Tinkerbell. I think it is the only ship in the world that has a chime instead of a fog horn.

I then met another couple that were standing in the shade having a rest. 

Couple from Emgland. Photo: Adam Read

Adam: Where are you from?
Couple: We are from England and have been going on cruise ships since the 90's. We really enjoy it. We have been to Norway before and will definitely be back. The fresh air, water it is just lovely.

The lady then told me that her grand daughter works on the ship as one of the managers so they had to see her and experience the Disney ship.

I then walked around the city with them for a little while - down the main street Markens gate and to a cafe where they had some refreshments.

They were very happy to visit Kristiansand.

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