Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Free music concert in Kristiansand - Vinterlyd.

There is a free music concert in Kristiansand today, Wednesday the 5th of March 2013 with some well known Norwegian artists. The concert has been organised by the Norwegian Cancer Association and is going to be performed at different locations on different dates.

These pictures were taken 1 and a half hours before the concert begins. Already there is a crowd gathering! When the concert started, there were 700 people watching! That is a good number for a concert in Kristiansand.

Artists Playing:

Isac Elliot
Marcus og Martinus

Program for Vinterlyd 2014:
Lørdag 1. mars: Bergen, Festplassen
Mandag 3. mars: Stavanger, Torvet
Onsdag 5. mars: Kristiansand, Torget
Lørdag 8. mars: Gjøvik, CC Gjøvik
Mandag 10. mars: Drammen, Bragernes Torg
Onsdag 12. mars: Trondheim, Torget
Lørdag 15. mars: Tromsø, Torget
17. – 19. april: Hafjell, Midtstasjonen

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