Monday, 31 March 2014

Utsikten Hotel in Kvinesdal

You cannot help but stop and look at the wonderful building that is Utsikten.
Built with local oak wood, it stands on the top of a mountain overlooking Kvinesdal. The hotel was completely renovated from drawings from a local architect and was completed in May 2013.

The hotel is located in between Kristiansand and Stavanger and is a must stay over as the view from the hotel is amazing. There is also a museum at the front of the hotel that has art displays from the famous artist Marcelius Førland including his 1922 T Model Ford in perfect condition – in fact it has number plates and is roadworthy!

When you enter the hotel, you can see that nothing has been spared with the design and outlay of the interior. Lighting and ambiance that compliments the rooms, fireplace, a staircase built from wood from the US, a large restaurant, bar and reception.

The hotel has everything from the businessman to the traveller. Conference rooms, a virtual gold driving range, art museum, fantastic food from local produce, it has everything.

You can choose from ‘backpacker type accommodation, to the top story rooms with a balcony and the amazing views over the valleys, fjords and city.

This is one place you cannot pass up for a great experience.


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