Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The swimming pool centre in Lyngdal

On a trip to Lyngdal, Adam from Visit Sørlandet popped in to Sørlandsbadet and had a little interview with the Managing Director Atle Homme to find out a little about him and Sørlandsbadet.

For info, Sørlandsbadet is a large indoor and outdoor swimming pool centre in Lyngdal that also includes a gymnasium, café, physiotherapy centre and is open all year round. It is ideally located next to Rosfjorden with beautiful views of the water and beach.

I started working at Sørlandsbadet in May 2010. Fourteen days later, we had the grand opening of the new and updated Sørlandsbadet. It was a very exciting time to start a new job.

I have worked in the military as a Lieutenant for many years and it got to the stage where the government wanted to reduce the size of the forces by 5000 men. I worked with photographic instruments on aircraft which was eventually phased out. I was given the opportunity by the military to study something new, so I chose a bachelor degree in new media – design, internet etc.

After that, I also worked with festivals in Mandal where I live. That was great work, but it was ad hoc and not continual, so that is why it is great to work here – there is always something to do and I always look forward to going to work.

We are not just an indoor swimming centre but also a turpark (tourpark).

Lyngdals bicycling team train here in spinning classes for different events as well as outdoor bicycling days. For example this year they are racing in the Colorline Color Line Setesdal Tour to Hovden, so we are organize special spinning classes for them when the centre is usually closed. I think it is important for our visitors and members of Sørlandsbadet that they can also engage in other activities outside the centre with others.

We have two seal mascots for our centre. On is blue and one is pink and their names are Salto and Selma. They are on our logo and are involved in the Sørlandsbadet song.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the mascots come to visit and play with the kids.

If you need anymore information from Atle or Sørlandsbadet, you can email them here or web

Lyngdal is little over a one hours drive from Kristiansand. There are many opportunites for hotels and accommodation in the local area. Not far away is Farsund with Scandinavias largest indoor skatepark and surfing opportunities. Dra på ferie til Lyngdal









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