Friday, 22 August 2014

Kids triathlon at Aquarama in Kristiansand

My wife is a keen runner and cyclist and registered our kids in the summer triathlon called ''barnetriathlon'' at Aquarama swimming and sports centre in Kristiansand. They love exercise and are quite competitive, so they were very keen to get started. I spoke to one of the organisers as per the Humans of Kristiansand project:

Man: I love days like today.
Me: What do you mean?

Man: There is a triathlon in town today for kids aged 3 to 10. It is amazing to see about 100 kids taking part in the competition. 

Parents exercising with their kids in an event like this is fantastic. Exercise and quality time with kids = a great day out. There should be more of it!

The organisers set up little tents for food and drinks and everything was well supervised and planned.

The triathlon consists of one lap of the pool of about 25 metres (side to side and not the full length of the pool) a bicycle ride of 100 metres and a run of 100 metres. 

My three boys were put into separate groups; Indy was in the 4-6 age group (he is 3) and Jet and Levi into the 6-9 age groups. (they are 7 and 8)

It was a nice sunny day and many kids and their parents turned out for the event. at a guess I would say that there were about 100 kids of different ages. 

Because there were so many kids, they were split up into different groups so they could begin their laps at different times.

Parents were eagerly cheering on their kids.

Even the City Train managed to sneak down the bicycle track!

My boy Indy came second last, but he had lots of fun anyway. It is not about the destination, but the journey...

Here is his mother giving him a helping hand as it was his second week without bicycle training wheels...

Great job guys!

It was a lot of fun and at the end, they received a certificate and a well deserved ice cream and drinks. Afterwards, they went to the Aquarama playground and enjoyed the swings.

It will be an annual event, so make sure to register your kids for it next year. You can find out more information from the Aquarama website.

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