Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kristiansand beer tasting festival

Adam from Visit Sørlandet went to the Kristiansand beer tasting festival at Odderøya.

Local beer Nøgne Øl being served.

Here is a good idea; ''Why not take the boat into town to the Kristiansand Beer Festival.''
Sounds like a good plan, so that is exactly what I did. The festival started at 1pm, but it was raining up until 3pm, so I headed in there after that. 

Sunshine and cold local beer.

The sun was now shining so we parked the boat at fiskebrygga and walked to Odderøya.

A decent sized crowd for the event.

There was a large crowd of people there and not an empty seat. Standing room only as they say. I spoke to the staff at the entrance that were very friendly. 

By the time we arrived, there had been over 700 people enter the festival. 

It turned out to be a nice summers day.

Nice views over the water.

The entrance fee was 200 kr which includes a Kristiansand Beer Festival glass of about 330ml. This is what visitors use to try the different beers.

Aas beer from Drammen

In order to try a beer, visitors were required to buy tokens. These tokens were 150 kr for 5 and each beer sample was half a glass. 

Representative from Aas beer.

A local beer from Grimstad called Nøgne Øl.

Most people I spoke to at the event thought that the entrance fee was a little expensive and the  beer samples were small. Even so, they had a great time there mingling amongst the beer enthusiasts which included men and women of the older and younger generations. Some said that they had now found their favourite beer so I guess the organisers would be pleased to hear that.

Here are some pictures of some patrons enjoying their day.

There were over 200 different types of beers on offer from local breweries in Norway. The event finished at 6pm where people ventured into the city where local bars and restaurants had these beers on offer. 

Here is the facebook group where you can find out about next years beer festival. 

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