Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sleeping on your boat in and around Kristiansand

There is an array of islands and different places to park your boat and stay overnight for free in and around Kristiansand. One such place is an island called Lyngøya (which can be found on google maps).

It is located close to the centre of Kristiansand and is a great place to stop by in the summer with the family. 

There is a large area to park the boats as well as a wooden terrace next to the water where the kids can fish.

Go exploring around the island to get different views of the sea and waters leading to a fjord.

Some people pitch tents there and some sleep in their boats. There is plenty of room, so it should not be a problem to find a place to park your boat.

On this particular trip, it was a very warm summers night and we easily found a space to park.

Our kids found some friends to play with and go crab hunting.

It is always good to have a navigator...

Not all places are public, so you need to check before stopping for the night.
Contact the Kristiansand Tourist Office for more information.

*Some pictures taken with mobile phone*


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