Monday, 10 November 2014

Kvinesdal Kortreist cultural menu

The town of Kvinesdal is located in Southern Norway, just under a 2 hour drive from Kristiansand. It is nested in a valley surrounded by mountain ranges and a fjord.
Picture: Courtesy of Utsikten Hotel
When entering the town by car from Kristiansand, you will pass by the famous Utsikten Hotel which is perched on a mountain top overlooking the town and valley. The views are spectacular.

The Hotel encompasses first class living facilities, an arts centre, a museum with rich cultural history and a golf course. 

Kvinesdal has an abundance of locally made food that is sold throughout Norway as well as famous artists, musicians a chefs that have originated from the region.

Torill Haugen is the arts centre manager and is always coming up great ideas and concepts for exciting arts exhibitions and programmes.

She decided that with the great mix of local talent, food, the hotel and local scenery, it was important to share this with visitors to the region. So, "The short trip cultural menu" was created called "Kortreist kulturmeny".
Visitors can hire local artists, order locally made foods and experience culture and everything that Kvinesdal has to offer.

The launch party was on Wednesday the 29th of October 2014 and was a huge success. Local and national Norwegian media were in attendance as were many other important invited guests. The autumn colours were still present in Kvinesdal, but on the tail end of their existance. Winter is around the corner.
Kvinesdal church
Enjoying some local food at the commencement of the launch.
After the initial introduction for the afternoon's schedule, we did some painting....
Preparing to paint the walls of the hotel

In action

Last touches
Took a tour of the museum and heard a local artist play some inspiring music.
Listening to an exciting guitar performance from Lars Aksel Teistedal 

Local paintings and a very old violin in the museum
A local actor played the role of the local famous artist Kristian Marcelius Førland.
An aspiring young actor

We also took a trip to a local antique store where some locals performed classical music.
The antique store

Short break between songs
Experimented with various types of photography;
Experimenting with different colours

Ever wondered how the kids tv series Pingu was created?

We visited the local church in the town centre where we watched a very entertaining opera performance
Awaiting the next exciting performance

Silvia Moi
Listened to a local artist performing her own and cover songs.
AIrmelinn Stakkeland
It was a fantastic launch party followed by dinner at Utsikten with locally produced food.

The activities at the launch included: Symphonic pop-break with Irmelin Stakkeland, musical journey trip / return view with Lars Aksel Teistedal, photo art with Solfrid Økland, Stop Motion by Jan Rune Blom, Street Art by Frode vessel and Classic twist with Oddbjørn Stakkeland.

Last but not least is the opera with Silvia Moi, who grew up in Kvinesdal. She has worked for several years at The Norwegian Opera in Oslo and has had major roles in several opera houses in Europe.

More information about this exciting concept can be found on the official Kortreist kulturmeny website.

Adam @ Visit Southern Norway Dra på ferie til Kvinesdal


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