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The powerful Rafoss waterfall in Kvinesdal

Kvinesdal is a little town in southern Norway, just west of Kristiansand.

It is all about nature in Kvinesdal. 

Picture: Jan Kåre Rafoss
It is located in a valley between large mountain ranges with a river that leads to a large fjord. When you drive there from Kristiansand, you will pass the Utsikten hotel which overlooks this rugged area.

Approximately seven kilometres to the north of the town centre is Rafoss. It is a very powerful waterfall with a 42 metre drop. Tons of water pass through the waterfall into a river which leads to the town centre.

To get there, use google maps which will guide you directly to the area. Just before you reach the church, there is a road to the left that has a little wooden sign that says Rafossen. Follow this little local road and drive slowly as there are houses and children nearby.

After approximately 1 to 2 kilometres, the road ends next to a farm. It is possible to park your car here, but there is no public carpark, so make sure you do not block the road or park in someones driveway.

You will walk along a field to a fence. Once through the gate, you can walk along the waters edge where there are large rock platforms perfect for fishing. Continue on to the waterfall for great photo opportunities.

If you have children, please be very careful with them as it is slippery and can be dangerous. There is a fence line that prevents sheep from getting too close to the waterfall, so perhaps use this as a guide.

Here is a google streetview map screen grab to show you where the little road starts from the 465 road on the left. This is a Google street image from 2010, but there is a little wooden sign on the left now with Rafossen written on it.

Here is a Google map to show you where the road and carpark is at Rafoss.

Visit the Kvinesdal Tourist office for more information.

Rådhuset, Nesgata 11, 
4480 Kvinesdal

Telephone: +47 38 32 80 81

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