Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Norwegian diving finals at Aquarama in Kristiansand

The national finals for Norwegian Diving was at Aquarama. What a great opportunity to take the kids and see this exciting event.
Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet
Aquarama is a large swimming pool complex in the heart of Kristiansand and was opened in 2013. The complex houses a 50 metre pool, spa with massage and treatments, a sophisticated gym, personal trainers and courses. 
Aquarama 50metre pool. Photo Anders Martinsen
It is within the same building as the Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda with great views over the harbour and water. When you book a room at Scandic, you get discounted entry into Aquarama as well as free gym usage.
Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda. Photo Anders Martinsen
My kids love to stay at Hotels and love to swim, so it was an easy decision to make. Everything is in the one place which is a must for a small family.
Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet
We checked in and the views from the room were amazing with the city beach directly to the front and the promenade to the right. I can only imagine the views from this room during the Palmesus festival or fireworks on New Years Eve!
Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet
Before I could put my bags down, the kids were out the door and running towards the Aquarama pool. Naturally I ask them not to run along the corridor, but they were too excited to listen.
Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet
The kids tried the waterslide and every pool within the complex - even the outside pool. 
Aquarama waterslide. Photo Anders martinsen
I did not think the kids would venture outside, but they did. Not a bad effort considering it was about 8 degrees celcius! I guess that is the Norwegian in them because for an Aussie, that is a first. Back in Australia, we tend to go indoors to get away from the hot sun!
Picture taken following morning Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet. 
After they calmed down a little, we decided to take some time to watch the diving competition. There were kids aged up to 18 that were involved and it was amazing to see how clever they are at diving. 
Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet
My kids were inspired, so after 5pm when the diving boards were also open to the general public, they decided to try some diving of their own.
Four year old Indy getting ready for a "dive" Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet
I interviewed one of the competitors for the Humans of Kristiansand project
I won a gold medal in the Norwegian Diving Championships at Aquarama on Saturday. I have been diving for eleven years and have worked very hard to get this far. It was a great feeling to hear the crowd cheer.
After dinner, it was time for the "crazy room'' at the hotel. 
Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet
It is a playroom with three different TVs with different computer games; one that has a sports seat and driving wheel, one with Nintendo and one with Playstation football.
Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet
Mission Impossible: Trying to get them out of that room! But, in the end, the promise of lørdags goteri (Saturday night candy) did the trick. We then relaxed and watched a Disney movie together in the room. 
This little one did not want to sleep. Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet 
The family room is set up with a large double bed and two other beds from a sofa. A large flatscreen TV with a USB connection allows visitors to watch their own movies, but the Disney cable channel was perfect for us.

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel. You would be surprised how much food a 7 and 8 year old can eat! Good thing it is a help yourself buffet!

The Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda lobby bar. Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet.
This winter, Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda has a great offer for a family room. It is 971 NOK for one night which includes breakfast for a family of 4. Not bad! I will definitely be back! You also get discounted entrance to Aquarama if you book a hotel room.

A bicycle available for Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda guests. Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet
Some useful information on Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda and Aquarama:
Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda opened in June 2013 and is the largest hotel in Southern Norway with 229 rooms, 814 beds and conference centre facilities for 300 people.
Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet
Aquarama opened in March 2013 and has an indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a water park, sports pool, diving facilities, spa, fitness center, sports hall and various offerings in public health. The project has a total area of ​​approximately 41,000 sqm, a sports pool 50x25 meters, sports arena for handball with approximately 1700 seats and a water park with a capacity for 1,000 guests at the same time.

Photo: Adam @ Visit Sørlandet

Adam @ Visit Southern Norway


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