Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A boat trip in Kristiansand

Adam from Visit Sørlandet took the family on a boat trip to Kristiansand.
(Pictures taken with a mobile phone)

At Odderøya Live concert this summer, Back Street Boys were amongst the line up. My wife is a fan but she did not have time to get tickets, so we decided to take a little boat trip into the city with the kids to listen to it from the boat.

It was an amazing summers evening, there was not a breath of wind and it was about 22 degrees celcius all night. We started up the river and the kids had a little swim. 

Then we continued on past Hamresanden on our way out to the city.

We parked the boat just outside of the concert area and listened to some music.

There were many other boats around and it was an amazing sunset.

Then there came the moon....

After the kids fell asleep in the cabin, we took a little drive into fiskebrygga and past Kilden theatre. There we saw the Colorline Danish ferry.

On the way back we drove past an old boat docked at the port. They were playing music with a violin and an accordian that would have been exactly how it was in the old days. If only there was a time machine...

We slept in the boat that night and woke up to another lovely summers day.

You can park your boat for free at fiskebrygga (the fish market) in Kristiansand. This is a great thing to do because it is also the best place to be on a boat. You can leave it there while you take a stroll into town, eat at a restaurant, or enjoy the award winning fish cakes at the market.

Contact the Kristiansand Tourist Office to find out about boat hire possibilities:

Phone: +47 38 07 50 00Email: turistinformasjon@kristiansand.kommune.no

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