Thursday, 17 July 2014

Flipside summer camp Southern Norway

Summer camp is not just something that happens in America. At a coastal area in Lista Farsund, Southern Norway, there is a summer camp for kids that goes over 5 weeks.

Flipside camp is a great place for the kids and a great initiative. The camp is open in the summer and kids can stay for one week at a time. They need to be aged between 10 and 17.

The camp usually starts in the last week of June when it is the school summer break in Norway and lasts between 3 and 5 weeks depending on how many have registered.

During the registration process, everyone signs up for one activity and is assigned one or more activity leader that will be with them for the week. In all there are approximately 20 staff members on site.

Action sports include BMX, Skateboarding and scooters. Additional activities include Go-karting, paintball and Radio Controlled Car races. In the future, the camp plans on having more activities for the kids including acrobatics, arts, multimedia, IT etc etc.

There is also musical instruments and rehersal studios that the kids can use in conjunction with a girls camp called "Loud". 

Its a band camp where anyone from beginner to experienced can participate. No songs or rehearsed music are required in advance. From day one they will be split into groups that they will be working with the whole week. From then on they get to rotate on instruments with lessons and work out the band name, signature moves, dance, logo, t-shirt printing and career planning. At their last day each band will have one rehersed song that they play on concert for the camp.

There is also a concert room where the kids can perform their rehersed music. Other bands and musicians are sometimes invited to play.

The kids live at hostels on the Flipside Camp Grounds in groups of 6 to 16 and they can choose their own rooms. There are bunk beds and bedding and towels are included. The kids have four meals a day which includes, breakfast, lunch, dinner and an evening snack/barbeque.

There are many competitions during the camp including skate boarding, bmx or scooters. 

Fun games and prizes are also added to the mix.

The main focus is that the kids have fun and socialise.

The kids need to bring their own equipment - skateboards etc, or they can be hired and booked in advance. Parents are advised to book these early as they are rented very quickly.

Parents can drop of their kids for check-in on Sunday at about 18:00. After that, there is an information meeting where parents can join in. During the camp, parents can stay in the flipside Hotels and enjoy activities in and around Lista. 

There are the amazing beaches along the coastline, the Lista lighthouse, the American Festival in June, bird watching, surfing, horse riding, boating, fishing... the list is endless.

However, parents are not allowed on the camp premises so that all the kids get to have the same camp experience. Flipside has responsible leaders around the kids at all times.

After the camp the it is open everyday from 10:00 to 18:00, and booking is possible for anytime.

Price per child for one week is 5900 kr and the band camp is 3500 kr. Shorter and longer stays are available.

Check out more information on the Flipside Camp website Camp registering is only valid through an online form with a credit card transaction. 

Parents are encouraged to check the website, instagram and Flipside Facebook Group for more information on opening times etc.Dra på ferie til Farsund

Tlf: +47 455 02 806     E-mail:     Adr: Lista Flypark 4560 Vanse

(All pictures are courtesy of Flipside Camp).


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