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Hiking to Brufjell in Flekkfjord

Adam from Visit Sørlandet went to the Brufjell cliffs in Flekkefjord.

I had heard about the holes in the mountain side in Flekkefjord and had seen a couple of pictures, but I honestly had no idea of what to expect when I ventured out there.

We then drove to the Brufjell carpark to begin the adventure. We met the Flekkefjord Small Town Project Leader Frode and his family as well as his twin brother, wife and one year old son.

I took my seven year old son Levi who is fit and strong and he was keen to try something new.

The walk from the carpark to the start of the hiking trail is one kilometre and is for local traffic only.

We stopped at a few places on the way.

The kids were enjoying themselves.

It was a beautiful summers day with top temperatures of 28 degrees.

There are flowers everywhere, berries to pick and a large lake with boat houses dotted along the way.

The hike to the Brufjell holes was enjoyable and there are signs and painted trees and stones along the way to help guide you.

At one point there is a sign to Sandviga and Brufjell. If you continue to Brufjell, it is considerably longer. So my advice is to go to Brufjell via Sandviga. Sandviga (also pronounced and written Sandvika) is a little picturesque beach. 

We took a few breaks along the way so the kids could have something to drink. They were very strong considering the heat and the steep climbs.

When we eventually reached the top, we enjoyed the views and had something to eat. Due to the clear skies, it was the perfect day for photos. 

Next was the adventurous part - the steep descent to the infamous Brufjell holes. I had to watch levi very carefully here and had him by my side the whole time. There were a few different sections that are a little risky, so it is advised to take children 10 and above.

Levi managed to do it, but I was a little afraid for him. He was strong and did not really care and just kept on going. I helped him step by step with the inserted steel steps down.

After we passed the most difficult part, it was time to check out the holes. They are located about 200 metres from the end of the steep descent.

The holes were made over 20,000 years ago by high seas that crashed onto the cliff face. Now people can visit them and take great pictures. We did just that. it is also said that these mountain ranges were once higher than Mt Everest!

Levi then took charge of the camera and got a couple of pictures of me.

It was time to climb back up the steep cliff. It went easier this time and Levi was way ahead of me.

There is a stream that falls down the steep section and the water is crystal clear and drinkable. We ran out of water, so that was a relief.

On the way back to the road, we stopped at Sandviga and had a swim. It was well deserved!

In all, that journey took us over five hours and it was a great day out. Like I said, you can do it in 3 no problem if you take the correct trail.

Fresh air, exercise, amazing views and a little swim, who could ask for more.

Levi and the other kids were treated to an ice cream and ice cold drink at the end. Well deserved.


1. Take at least 2 litres of water with you if hiking on a hot day.
2. Take sunscreen
3. A hat
4. Food for a picnic at the top
5. Mobile phone in case you get into trouble. (There is reception most of the way)
6. A good camera with a big memory card
7. Swim shorts
8. Tell people that you are going there so someone knows where you are.
9. If you are scared of heights, this is not a hiking trip for you to Brufjell however Sandviga is fine as the journey there is easy.
10. Kids should be 10 years and older otherwise you need to pay close attention to younger kids.

Contact the Flekkefjord Tourist Office for more information:
Address: Elvegaten 3, Flekkefjord
Telephone: +47 38 32 80 81
Dra på ferie til Flekkefjord

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