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Varbak panoramic lookout in Farsund

Adam from Visit Sørlandet took the family to Varbak in Farsund.

Farsund is a beautiful little coastal city in Southern Norway. Like every city, it has its relatively hidden secret spots. Varbak is one of them.

It is a lookout point within walking distance from the city centre. It is not that easy to find, but you can pop into the tourist office in town to get directions. (If not, I have written directions at the bottom of this article with a map.)

The local council has put a picnic bench there and a specially designed stool where up to 3 people can sit to enjoy the views.

To the left is Lyngdal fjord, the bridge leading into Farsund, the harbour and to the right the sea. It is the perfect place to enjoy a bottle of wine with a friend or a picnic with the kids. I took my family there in July and we stayed for a long time relaxing with the views.

It is a lovely place to be all year round. 

Recommended to take with you:

1. Your best camera and a large memory card for all the pictures you will take.
2. A picnic hamper.
3. Bottle of wine (if it is a romantic evening with a loved one)
4. A book, if you want to relax on your own.
5. Pop into the SPAR food store at the harbour to buy some food for the picnic.

Keep an eye on the local Farsund weather to make sure it will be suitable. Ideally you want to be there with no wind and sunshine, but like I said, it does not really matter.

I will do my best to try and explain it... 

As you can see on the map below, one of the black boxes marks the spot where the lookout is. The other is for the Farsund tourist office.

When you arrive at Farsund from Kristiansand:

1. Turn left at the round about (Strandgaten) just over the bridge. 
2. Take the second street on your right that is Kirkegaten. 
3. Proceed up to the Markeveien road on your left
4. After about 100 metres, you will see a small road with a steep ascent on your left. 

This is the road leading to Varbak lookout. There are post boxes there at the start of this road. 

It is only possible for one car to go up this road, so you may have to reverse back down if there is one coming the other way. It is not recommended for Camper vans as they are too big for the road.

Once you are on this road, you will drive for about 200 metres before coming to the parking area. There is a kindergarden at the top, so you need to drive slowly and carefully. You walk to the left along side a large concrete construction and follow the path to where the lookout is.

On the Visit Norway website, you will find pictures from the spring time at Varbak and more information.

Have fun!

Farsund Tourist Information
Torvgt. 2
4550 Farsund
Phone: +47 38 38 21 15 Dra på ferie til Farsund


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