Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Flipside Indoor Skatepark in Lista Farsund Norway

Adam from Visit Sørlandet visited Flipside skatepark with his kids.

My kids love to skate and love to go fast at everything they do. It can be a little scary sometimes. I had told them about Flipside Skatepark and they were keen to try it out.

It is run by Reidar who does a great job. Here is Reidar and his wife.

During the summer season, there is Flipside camp which includes all sorts of activities for the kids. As a result, the skatepark is open Tuesdays and Thursdays after 5pm for the general public. Other days and times, the people at the camp use it.

When the camp is not on, it is open everyday.

Like I said, my kids are a little crazy. The smallest is 3 and the other two are 7 and 8 years old. They are full speed from 0700 in the morning until 2100 at night, every night. So it is great that there are places like Flipside where they can get some energy out and meet other kids. When they are old enough, I will definitely be taking them to the Flipside camp. They are asking about it already.

The indoor skate area is MASSIVE. In fact it is the biggest in Scandinavia so they are repeatedly having world class competitions there.

Kids can ride BMX, skateboards and scooters there. As soon as my 7 year old saw the BMX bikes, he needed to have one. So he was off. The smallest used his little plastic motorcycle and the oldest used his scooter.

They had massive smiles on their faces. And did not want to stop, apart from an ice cream break.

When it was time to leave, they did not want to. So we had to stay an extra 30 or so minutes.

Prices are
4 hours 150 KR
8 hours 225 KR

You can find more info on Flipside Skatepark here.

 Flipside is a large skatepark in Farsund Norway

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