Thursday, 10 July 2014

GEO caching Farsund

Adam from Visit Sørlandet had a day out in a boat GEO caching in Farsund.

Geocaching (also written GEO caching) is an activity where people us a GPS to hide and seek containers called geocaches that are placed (sometimes hidden) in different places around the world.

The container usually has something in it, a gift, instructions on where to find the next one, toys etc. The general rule is that if you locate a geocache and take something from it, then you need place something in the box as an exchange.

It is getting more and more popular over the years and there are millions of people currently registered in the GEO caching datatbase.

Farsund is a perfect place to go geocache treasure hunting as there are many little islands and areas where they can be found.

I met with the tourist chief Ann Helen for a boat trip around the islands to place some containers and to find some. Our driver was Cecille Buch Boyer from Farsund Båt og Motor.

We started from the Farsund Harbour and drove to the Farsund Resort to have a chat to the staff. From there we went to Vikelen where we found a container at the top of a mountain overlooking the sea. 

The hike to the top took about 20 minutes and involved some steep climbing. 

We signed the book and added some things to it.

We also stopped at Skarvøytoppen which is a little island. There had not been a geo cach there, so we placed a little container with a guest book and some other things in it.

The next stop was Kveldsundet på Langøy where we placed another container. 

This little island has a fantastic set up for visitors. It is maintained by the local boat club so there is a grassed area, barbeque area and a little beach.

Katland Fyr (lighthouse) was the next stop where we hid a container which will be a little difficult to find, but with the correct GPS settings, no problem.

The final stop was Paradisbukta which is a popular place for the locals in Farsund during the summer months. It is a large island with a playground, barbeque areas but it can be difficult to get aplace to park the boat in the summer holidays. Get there early!

It was a great day out even though the weather was overcast and rainy. Take the kids for a little boat trip and geocaching adventure. If you do not have a boat, you can rent one from Farsund Boat and Motor.

There are also geocaches dotted around Farsund, the lighthouse and other places. Just get the app, login and let the fun begin! Dra på ferie til Farsund

Contact Farsund Båt og Motor to organise a rental boat:

Lundevågveien 10
4550 Farsund
Tlf: 38 39 18 70

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