Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Lista Lights

Adam from Visit Sørlandet visited to the Lista Lights lookout cabin near Havik beach in Farsund. 
(Pictures taken with mobile phone and unfortunately it was raining that day...)

Here is the turn off to the Havik beach where you will find the cabin

There is a cool local project that involves protecting the local coastline, wildlife and preventing littering. Part of this project is the Lista Lights lookout cabin near the Havik beach just outside Farsund.

It is made in such a way that it can easily be removed with no foreign substances or materials being left behind. There is a long wooden walkway to the booth that overlooks the coastline.

Many people use it for bird watching and there is information on local birdlife in the cabin itself.

It is open all year round and it is also possible to sleep there for free. There is a makeshift bed over the entrance to the cabin, but it does not have a mattress. So you will need to bring one.

There is also a guestbook where you can write your name to tell people you have been there.

My son Levi decided to draw a picture of me in the guestbook with his best attempt at writing in English... "Dis Is Mai Ded" which translate to This is my Dad.

We were very unlucky with the weather that day, but it did not matter. It still is a nice place to visit. 

Next time the kids want to take their sleeping bags and a mattress so they can sleep there. If we do this, then I will definitely need to bring a blow up mattress because the old back will not survive!

You can get some more information from the Farsund Tourist Office Dra på ferie til Farsund

Farsund Tourist Information
Torvgt. 2
4550 Farsund
Phone: +47 38 38 21 15 

E-mail: turistinformasjonen@farsund.kommune.no 
Website: www.visitnorway.com/farsund

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